Xmas 2009


Leda’s first ever snowman (well she is Australian after all). Michelle, being Canadian, has seen it all before. This snowman had a sprout for his mouth, at least he did up until this photo was taken: on toasting his creation his mouth fell off right into Julie’s wine!


Nice one!


Sandy receiving her presents on Xmas morning.


Graham’s favourite chocolate!


Graham desperate for a drink has to solve the puzzle first!


Perhaps Sandy can get a drink for Graham… Or perhaps not.


Sandy’s photo actually caught Julie smiling!


Sprouts are not just for Xmas. With care two or three can last a whole year:-)


The flaming Xmas pudding…




We got some walking and skiing in on great snow.


Graham’s photo proves we skied straight from the door!


In these conditions it’s easier to ski than walk, as this photo by Graham shows.


Through a snow-covered Letham Wood


We did a walk around the frozen Bernie Loch


And we made friends with the locals…


One Boxing Day Ines joined us for a walk and evening meal.


It was a great White Xmas: 2009!


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