Turkey and the Total Solar Eclipse March 2006



Looking down towards Oludeniz


The water is rather cold!                     But so is the beer!


Engraved column at Termessos


One of the many sarcophagi at Termessos


Incredible Roman remains at Aspendos


The right location to view the Eclipse: the Roman Theatre at Aspendos


Julie, eclipse specs on, waiting for the show


The start of the Eclipse


Total Eclipse


A spectacular sight, in an amazing place..


A photo taken by Charlie and Ros, with whom we shared the eclipse experience.

This is an excellent image showing several prominences between 11 and 12 o’clock. The magnetic poles of the Sun are at 1 and 7 o’clock, and the corona is at its most extensive around the magnetic equator 4 and 10 o’clock.

This short exposure brings out the prominences whilst sacrificing the full extent of the Corona. An idea of the scale of this image can be given by realising that the small circular prominence at approximately 11 o’clock is over twice the size of the Earth!


Roman bridge at the Koprulu Canyon


The Chimaera


Walking towards the ancient Greek city of Olympos


Entrance to Olympos


Gateway into Olympos


Entrance to the Greek Theatre at Olympos


The ancient Greek city of Patara


Entrance into the Theatre at Patara


Examining 3000 year old script


Flora and Fauna


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