Can you please help identify this sundial?




It is in our garden in Fife, Scotland.

It is dated 1765 or 1785 and has a J or I and W separated by a floral motif.

It has been very accurately positioned, and levelled. And this photo was indeed taken at 5.20pm!

A sundial (probably this one) is shown on a map dated 1894 in exactly the location of our sundial. We have a photograph c1940 of exactly this sundial in its present location.


Latest: Dennis Cowan contacted me suggesting that the sundial may be linked to Naughton House, just outside Balmerino Village. There is a possibility that the initials I and W could refer to Isabel Morison and William Bethune, owners of Naughton House in the late 18th century. The plot thickens!


Thanks to Walter Pedriali we now know the inscription: PEREUNT ET IMPUTANTUR They (the hours) are consumed, and will be charged to our account.


A nice web page dealing with this is


Another interesting page dealing with sundials is


If you can offer any insight as to the history of this sundial, or an interpretation, we would be most grateful to hear from you:


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