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Each week (or so) I’ll be posting some pics from my large, unruly, beautiful garden in Fife.  Inspired by The Propagator and the #SixonSaturday tweets pointing to lovely gardens all over the UK.  I’m in central Scotland, so probably well behind gardens further south.


14-14-18  My first #SixonSaturday. 

Focus is on flowers this week, as, finally, there are lots on display.

Description: Slioch:Users:julieharris:Documents:piccys:garden18:catkins_14_4.jpg

Description: Slioch:Users:julieharris:Documents:piccys:garden18:peiris.jpg

Description: Slioch:Users:julieharris:Documents:piccys:garden18:hellibore_14_4.jpg

Twisted hazel catkins, looking just about perfect right now. Leaf buds ready to burst soon.


Pieris is still in its full glory, its been a really good year…loves ice and snow.

I think this one might be called hellebore ‘Penny’s Pink’

 – just about to go over but still stunning.

Description: Slioch:Users:julieharris:Documents:piccys:garden18:anenome_14_4.jpg

Description: Slioch:Users:julieharris:Documents:piccys:garden18:hellibore_green.jpg

Description: Slioch:Users:julieharris:Documents:piccys:garden18:muscari_bee_14_4.jpg

Anenomes are just coming up.

Not sure what type this green hellebore is, but it is at its best now.

Muscari really attracts bees, I think this one is a