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Each week (or so) I’ll be posting some pics from my large, unruly, beautiful garden in Fife.  Inspired by The Propagator and the #SixonSaturday tweets pointing to lovely gardens all over the UK.  I’m in central Scotland, so probably well behind gardens further south.


21-4-18  My second #SixonSaturday. 

Spring flowers and garden veg about to be planted.

Description: Slioch:Users:julieharris:Dropbox:geekygarden:21-4-18-images:daffs.jpg

Description: Slioch:Users:julieharris:Dropbox:geekygarden:21-4-18-images:hostabuds.jpg

Description: Slioch:Users:julieharris:Dropbox:geekygarden:21-4-18-images:plantsready.jpg

Dafs are still in full swing, peaking about now.


Hostas just budding on the edge of the pond.

This little lot are ready to go out into the garden.

Description: Slioch:Users:julieharris:Dropbox:geekygarden:21-4-18-images:purpleleafcelandine.jpg

Description: Slioch:Users:julieharris:Dropbox:geekygarden:21-4-18-images:tadpoles.jpg

Description: Slioch:Users:julieharris:Dropbox:geekygarden:21-4-18-images:tulips.jpg

This purple leaf form of celandine are invasive, but perfect confined to a pot.

Tadpoles massing for the escape, lots hatched this year despite snow and ice.

Muscari really attracts bees, I think this one is a




14-4-18  My first #SixonSaturday. 

Focus is on flowers this week, as, finally, there are lots on display.

Description: Slioch:Users:julieharris:Documents:piccys:garden18:catkins_14_4.jpg

Description: Slioch:Users:julieharris:Documents:piccys:garden18:peiris.jpg

Description: Slioch:Users:julieharris:Documents:piccys:garden18:hellibore_14_4.jpg

Twisted hazel catkins, looking just about perfect right now. Leaf buds ready to burst soon.


Pieris is still in its full glory, its been a really good year…loves ice and snow.

I think this one might be called hellebore ‘Penny’s Pink’

 – just about to go over but still stunning.

Description: Slioch:Users:julieharris:Documents:piccys:garden18:anenome_14_4.jpg

Description: Slioch:Users:julieharris:Documents:piccys:garden18:hellibore_green.jpg

Description: Slioch:Users:julieharris:Documents:piccys:garden18:muscari_bee_14_4.jpg

Anenomes are just coming up.

Not sure what type this green hellebore is, but it is at its best now.

Muscari really attracts bees, I think this one is a