Dominica 2016


We took a holiday to the Caribbean, Dominica, with KE Adventure to escape the some of the British winter.


KE has partnered with Michael Eugene; whose company Experiences Caribbean was the tour operator in Dominica.


Dominica is much the same size and shape of Fife, but that’s the only similarity!

Dominica has ~one-third the population of Fife, has a mountain higher than Ben Nevis, and is on average 20degC warmer than Fife!


Here is a selection of photos from the trip, not necessarily in the right order.


Dominica is a natural history paradise! Here’s a selection of flora and fauna:






Land crabs are abundant in Dominica



Dominica reminded us a lot of Costa Rica: both small countries but with such an incredible diversity of habitat and wildlife!



We were introduced to Creole cooking by Daria Eugene, wife and business partner of Michael our head guide.

Not only did we cook the food we also ate it – and it was not’arf good!


We visited a couple of big waterfalls:

Left and above, Middleham Falls

Right, Sari Sari Falls


Both of these waterfalls were spectacular. The walk to Sari Sari being problematic due to the severity of a tropical storm in 2015: the worst in living memory.



There are only two places on Earth that boiling-lakes exist: one is in North Island New Zealand, and the other is in Dominica.

Quite a long walking day, 7-hours on the move, but well worth it: this was (for me at least) the highlight of the holiday.





A flooded volcanic crater ~500-ft across is permanently heated to boiling – even at the edge the water is more than 90degC!

This place is most amazing, and when the breeze blows the steam away you can both see and hear the boiling caldron.

The trail to the crater is through the “Valley of Desolation”, past boiling mud-pools and sulphur-stained rocks.



We took a boat trip on Indian River, near Portsmouth: such an unusual place, it was used to film parts of “Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Man’s Chest”.




The boat operators on Indian River are all great characters: ours had the nickname “James Bond” – we never did find out why??

It is obvious to see the attraction of shooting a movie here. And the set for “Tia Dalma” is still intact.



Precarious truck-ride:





To access the start of one of our walks we were transported uphill in (on) the back of two trucks.

Just after the photos above were taken, our truck stalled. The only way to restart it was to reverse bump-start down a steep hill!!



Our local guides

Jonathan (singing for us)

Prosper (Kalinago guide)

Justin (farmer and guide)



Other photos (sunsets)




Other photos (two of our accommodations)






Other photos (swimming, or not…)

Julie snorkelling and Lance freezing…. Well the water was only 23degC!



Other photos (Michael, lead guide and mass photographer.



Other photos (Jungle and Views)





A brand-new school bus crushed when a hurricane struck the island – luckily without anyone on board!



The end

Nick, Chris, Eric, Vaughan, Julie, Val, Colin, Rob

Nick, Gill, Lance, Diane

Fabulous Company!


We had a great holiday!



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