Balmerino Cottage


The cottage has changed little over the last 70 years. Andrew Grant provided the old photo, whose father-in-law visited the cottage whilst John James Tait was the owner (from 1937 until 1945). It was not so easy to take the modern photo from the same location: a rhododendron now occupies the space!


An aerial view of the cottage and its surroundings, taken June 1974, at which time Lt. Col. William Eric Teal owned the property (from 1969 until 1980).


The front of Balmerino Cottage


Front garden from the front door


Front garden and the cottage


Upper garden and the greenhouse, taken before the construction of Loch Ines


Loch Ines


Rear Courtyard and the Guesthouse


The Sundial: help solve the mystery


Midwinter’s Day Sunset from Balmerino Cottage


The Total Lunar Eclipse 3 March 2007: compound image taken from the cottage



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